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Fusing the first two letters of the owners' last name, Ganassi Design Inc. was born in 2000 with the vision of providing quality, customized designs catered to client's needs and preferences. With such goal in mind, Eduardo Nassiff , the owner and designer of GD, used his knowledge in architecture and previous professional expertise in architecture firms to craft, what is today, a design firm specializing in interior retail designs and kiosks.


Born in Bogota, Colombia, this Colombian native possesses an eye for detail from a young age. He recalls analyzing every minute element composing a car, one of his favor past times at the age of five. The aesthetic and functional harmony seemed to "amaze him." This meticulous analytic nature along with his characteristic spatial reasoning led him to study Architecture at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, where he sharpened his skills and acquired the technical know-how.


He then, equipped with the needed tools, moved to Miami, Florida in search for an opportunity to practice what he had learned: an opportunity to bridge theory into reality. Before starting his own company, he worked  for 5 years in architectural firms conceptualizing and designing various types of proyects, including commercial and residential.


Once he had accumulated the needed expertise, he joined forces with another Colombian-native, Maria Garces, whose professional background in Industrial Design and passion for photography was the perfect complement to the overall vision of GD ; a vision of providing-from conceptualization to implementation- designs with multiple perspectives driven with the client in mind.


After 14 years, GD, today, thrives with a collaborative team of blacksmiths,carpenters,designers, and architects who work closely together with the client to ensure client-work compatibility. Today, a dense network of people work together to provide different perspectives, different skills to every project.


"The store design is amazing, the product displays works perfect. Thank you for your wonderful service!"



“I want to thank you for all your input and help on my business idea. Your designs attract people and activity that lead to our business success!”



“Most professional service I have worked with. The very best”


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